Sfingiday, a small woman-owned business, is based in Seattle and has a second location in Austin. The first physical store opened in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood in 2018, followed by the Austin shop on South Lamar in 2022. In 2024, we moved our Seattle shop one block away to the Rocket Building! We take pride in supporting over 500 independent brands and individual makers. While we prioritize local producers, we do not let distance hinder us from sourcing unique and hand-crafted items. Owner and artist, Christine, personally curates each piece, aiming to uplift artists from diverse backgrounds.

As I write this in 2024, I reflect on Sfingiday's accomplishments and the challenges we have overcome. Despite a devastating arson fire just six months after opening our Seattle shop, we managed to rebuild within the same timeframe. We also faced the trials of a pandemic, a family relocation to Austin and the opening of a brand new shop. Nevertheless, we continue to thrive and explore new avenues of growth. Take a look at our online store and visit our boutique stores in the northwest and south. Join our vibrant community and stay connected for exciting updates to come. It takes a village and we are immensely grateful for our current team of great humans.


Christine, Amelia, Lydia, Jessica, Isabela, Allie, Maddie, Clarissa, Laura, Lauren, Andrea, John and Ashley



Christine's upbringing in an entrepreneurial family laid a strong foundation for her own success. Growing up, she actively participated in her parents' retail shops and worked alongside her grandmother at her company during the summer. Her passion for sewing and fashion design blossomed during her childhood, spending summers in the research and development department. As a teenager, she took on various roles in the business, gaining valuable experience. In addition to her love for sewing, Christine also discovered her talent for painting at a young age. She pursued her passion by earning a degree in Fine Art from an art school.

Today, she is a renowned artist known for her abstract landscapes and her original artwork can be found at both Sfingiday locations. At Sfingiday Goods, Christine researches, develops, formulates and creates all of their new products and has from the very beginning in 2018. At Sfingiday, Christine curates all goods for the shops and also leads several classes at the Austin location. Her creative expertise adds a unique touch to the business.

In the picture, you can see Christine's adorable rescue pup, Dex.

General Manager . Sfingiday Seattle


Going on seven years in Seattle, Amelia has quickly fallen in love with everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She graduated from University summa cum laude with a degree in Music Education and a certificate for teaching General Music. After a year working with young children in the aftermath of COVID-19 and working as a sales associate on the side at Sfingiday Seattle, she has fully embraced her innate creativity, working primarily with macrame, clay and watercolors. In 2023, she elevated to General Manager and will be instrumental in the transition to our larger space at the Rocket building in Fremont!

Amelia looks forward to bringing joy and compassion to Sfingiday Seattle everyday. When she's not at the shop, you can find her searching for new art to create, exploring the Olympic Peninsula, or playing with her kitty, who's the love of her life.

Pictured: Amelia's rescue kitty, Nakia.

What's up with the name?

Just like our brand, our name is multifaceted.

One of those facets can actually be found in our logo! The hawk moth, a member of the Sphingidae family of moths, symbolizes transformation, growth, and the eternal movement toward light. In 2018, owner Christine Olson developed a brand that spoke to her desire to grow and change.

(Entomologists, who are typically the only ones who know what our name means, tell us we have misspelled it.)

Another facet of Sfingiday pays homage to Christine's time spent attending high school in Italy. Sfingi are a traditional Italian fried donuts, thus Sfingi Day means donut day. This facet of our name represents our constant celebration of the beauty and joy life offers.

All of us at Sfingiday love to hear how everyone tries to pronounce it before knowing the meaning.