Unleash your creative potential and join our community at Sfingiday. Learn new skills and discover the joy of crafting soy candles. Immerse yourself in blending your own all-natural perfume or art skills training through our diverse range of classes. At Sfingiday, the possibilities are endless and your creative spirit will thrive. Join us today and embark on a truly inspiring adventure.

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Interested in booking a private group event? We offer private versions of our watercolor, art, candle making and perfume making classes! Buy tickets now or email us at sfingidayevents@gmail.com for more info.


Sfingiday Austin

Candle Making Workshops

Our candle making workshops are held regularly at our Austin shop, catering to both candle enthusiasts and beginners. Participants will have the opportunity to use high-quality fragrance oils that are free from phthalates to create unique scents. These scents can then be combined with soy wax to make personalized candles. Whether you decide to keep your creations or give them as gifts, you will leave the workshop equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue making candles at home.

Sfingiday Austin

Perfume Making Workshops

Come and join us at our Austin store for the opportunity to discover the art of crafting your own all-natural perfume or cologne. Gain insights into the intricate world of scent blending and unleash your creativity by designing a personalized fragrance. Infused with nourishing oils and encased in a delightful glass perfume bottle, your creation will make a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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