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What better way to smell nice than by wearing your own customized, all-natural perfume? With roots in ancient Mesopotamia, the art of perfume-making spans over 4,000 years and continues to evolve today. At Sfingiday, we use 100% natural essential oils to take you on a perfume-making journey using some of the same materials our ancestors used.

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We begin our journey by exploring a lineup of 100% natural essential oils, which are concentrated versions of plants, flowers, and spices many of us are familiar with. You'll discuss the importance of top, middle, and base notes as we smell essential oils like lavender, patchouli, peppercorn, and lemon. You'll also learn interesting facts about the history, chemistry, and aromatherapy benefits of each oil along the way.

This step is for figuring out which ones you like (and which ones you don't like) before we move on to the next, most important part.

Now's your chance to play around and be a little risky as you take the time to figure out your signature scent. Not a huge fan of the cedarwood essential oil? Combine it with lavender and ylang ylang and you may change your mind. Obsessed with grapefruit? It may surprise you what smells great alongside it and what doesn't. Here's where we slow it down, imagining who the main character of our scent blend is and building a myriad of other elements around it.

You'll choose your perfume roller ball from a variety of fun glass designs, then add your final scent blend to it.

Once you've finished mixing your signature scent, you'll top the roller ball off with organic jojoba oil, which is a quick-absorbing carrier oil that makes for a long-lasting scent without being greasy. Not only is it deeply nourishing for your skin, but jojoba oil is high stable, offering a substantially long shelf life.

By the end of this class, you'll be equipped with a deeper understanding of essential oils, a bottle of your own all-natural perfume, and a recipe card so you can recreate it once it's gone!

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